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Networking and enjoying: Looking back at the German SME Summit in Augsburg

Max and Lukas They made their way to Augsburg at the end of June (2023) to personally receive the trophy and congratulations from Ranga Yogeshwar. The award for top innovators took place as part of the German SME Summit instead of.

All in all, a successful event. After presenting the award and stage program, it was mainly about delicious food and new, exciting networking contacts.

At Top 100 innovation competition Together with mentor Ranga Yogeshwar, the most innovative medium-sized German companies are honored. One of the most important awards for medium-sized companies in Germany. Thank you at this point for the nomination by the economic promoter of the city of Velen, Dennis Schulte.

Loud Top100 company profile As makers, we are on a clear course. We don't leave our development to chance and work according to a clear plan, which is set out in our Vivid Vision was detained. Connected to our MACH principle We scored outstandingly in the TOP100 “innovative processes and organization” rating category. Doing is like wanting! Just more blatant!

Well-known experts from business, science, media and politics — for example Dr. Gregor Gysi, Edelgard Buhlmahn (former Federal Minister of Education and Research), Anja Förster (Rebels at Work) and Jens Tönnesmann (Die Zeit) are represented on the Top100 jury.

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