How our team remains closely connected despite working from home

The author of this article is Tanja Günther. Tanja is our Head of People and therefore deals with the challenges and opportunities of working from home on a daily basis.

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What New Work means to us

Everyone is talking about New Work. At every convention, at every meet-up in HR Cosmos, there is at least one contribution to the topic of New Work. I don't really like the expression. By definition, New Work means: a profound change in the world of work, characterized by new forms of work. Working remotely, almost 100% of the team is working from home, yes — there are new challenges. But on a human level, we're not doing anything new. Our culture describes what has always been important to us. Treating one another in a respectful and respectful way. The fundamental positive attitude within the herd is important to us. To promote autonomy and, of course, to provide security.

How we understand benefits

Benefits also did not require an explicit name from us. The focus is on the well-being of the herd. Be it with good coffee, regional mineral water, delicious soft drinks, sweets galore and beer — or through a ping pong table and a dartboard in the office, various video game options or team events according to unicorns preferences. Even before it was hip to set up a fruit basket (we also tried, it wasn't effective).

Why working from home works for us

Keeping the team together, despite physical separation — is a new challenge in everyday home office life. People can earn money anywhere and at any company. Basically, building crap is also called. But create a sense of the flock, that you work with and for each other and help each other. Give the other person the space they need. Just be in the mood. That is the attitude — or: the mindset that defines a cool team. We want everyone to stand behind the concept, the idea of BUSINESS UNICORNS. Everyone works for everyone.

Values and profitability

Unicorns always meet on equal footing, treat each other with respect and appreciation. Living values are important to us. Values that are reflected in the personality — including motivation to perform and psychological strength. And potential, which is reflected in personal initiative, perseverance and a high level of commitment. Of course, we cannot lose sight of the fact that we are a service provider. We are an economic company. The unicorns sell their valuable time. But to make the best possible use of them for everyone involved, we have always taken steps that show you common sense.

Even during introductory meetings, we pay attention to human compatibility. It just has to match. Because: You can actually learn anything professionally. As human, you are what you are. And whether someone becomes part of the herd is not decided by one person, but the team coordinates. And then, during regular feedback sessions with the team, sentences like: “It feels like friends who happen to work in the same company.”

Strategy meetings in Mallorca

An open error culture as a basis

We are currently working on a better, more open error culture. Unfortunately, we grow up in a culture of mistrust, mistakes are already being sought out in the school system and rated accordingly poorly. It's only good if you've done everything right. We want to deal with failures openly, be able to tell others — hey: I didn't think so well, let's see how things might get better. Or say frankly: Look at the crap I did there. And enable others — and above all yourself — to learn and grow from them. If wrong decisions have been made, that's the way it is. Let's learn from that. You have to be able to endure negative feedback, of course. And be able to give. Not to take it personally, not to justify — but rather to be encouraged to ask questions.

It always goes better

We love our flock and always try to get unicorns in their flow. Doing things they're comfortable with. Create opportunities for further education and to share knowledge with each other. And humor must not be neglected either. Laughing together has always been a good team-building exercise. And we learn new things every day. Be it through HR conventions, network meetings, online seminars and bar camps, which we attend on the topic, or through advice from an external coach. Speaking of HR: At BUSINESS UNICORNS, it's not human resources but human relations.

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