Druckversion der Vivid Vision 2025

We see a fabulous future

Our Vivid Vision 2025

Vivid Vision is a method that helps companies create a clear plan for their future. It is a detailed overview of what the company will look, feel and act in three years.

Our vivid vision reflects our growth plans and focuses us on common goals. Below, we describe what BUSINESS UNICORNS will look like in 2025.

Our Vivid Vision should give current and future unicorns, customers and partners an insight into our plans for the coming years.

“I'm really excited about the coming years and our joint development. And now have fun dreaming, it's going to be FABULOUS! ”

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The unicorns

At BUSINESS UNICORNS, we rarely use the term employee. Mostly in official documents. Our team spirit is so strong that we intuitively speak of unicorns and unicorns “our flock.” We are companions and fellow travelers. But certainly not employees, employees, or resources. The input of every single unicorn is welcome and every opinion is taken seriously.

As a unicorn herd, we stand behind our vision and live it. We all strive to achieve the goals we have set. As experts in our fields of activity, we also like to think outside the box. With the help of OKR, we have formulated our goals clearly, measurably and transparently so that we can support each other in achieving the goals.

We enjoy working as a team, are proud to be part of the herd and want to constantly contribute our skills to build the next big thing that makes everyday life easier for people.

Unicorns that join our flock have developed a passion for their own profession and are absolutely reliable. At work, they live out their instinct to play and their curiosity. They are also inquisitive, ambitious and find pragmatic solutions to a wide range of problems. Through quick comprehension and adaptability, they ensure that the team is constantly evolving and can grow together.

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BU culture

Unicorns are emphatic. There is a high level of mutual respect for each other's work, as individual skills are optimally incorporated and promoted. Respect is also reflected in our discussions and feedback sessions. There is always an exchange of views on equal terms and other opinions are appreciated. Unicorns question themselves and try to understand the other person's perspective. As a result, negative vibes can be dealt with professionally and the mood remains positive.

Mistakes can be discussed openly without anyone feeling attacked. Everyone knows that discussions are worthwhile and can lead to even better results. We are constantly evaluating our strategy and questioning our course and decisions in order to learn from and grow from our experiences.

The team spirit is so strong that we also like to meet outside normal working hours to have fun together, grill, party and drink a beer.

Operational Business

We have grown to 60 unicorns and are divided into departments Development, design, project management, key account management, personnel management, finances, controlling as well as sales and marketing. From each of these areas, there is a responsible unicorn who represents the respective department at strategy meetings.

Each department regularly provides reports and evaluations of its own goals for our controlling. Based on these key figures, we can identify and discuss discrepancies, challenges and successes directly.

Our internal transparency is also supported by reliable project planning. As a result, every unicorn can understand where we are right now. In the individual projects, we use an agile way of working with frequent iterations. We leave nothing to chance and validate our current approach with regular meetings on project progress.

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Meetings always have an agenda and are targeted. The group of participants is selected in advance depending on the tasks. It is ensured that all participants are able to follow the content and have understood what was discussed. So we want unnecessarily lengthened Avoid meetings so we can do what we really enjoy doing at work.

After each sprint, we take the time to review so that we can make adjustments for future sprints. At the end of every project, we come together in a retro to learn from our experiences and optimize our own processes. We see feedback rounds as an important part of our own development.

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Meetingraum mit mehreren Personen

We also meet regularly at company level to validate our goals. Once a month, we review our figures and reports with Controlling. Once a quarter, we validate our strategy to achieve our Vivid Vision and once a year we meet 2-3 days away from the office to address our annual planning and strategy for the next year.

Our Customers

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We now have 4 more major customers, with whom we generate a large part of our annual turnover. Our founding customers are still with us, but other major customers guarantee a financial security and freedom. In addition, we also serve 10 smaller customers, who account for the remaining annual turnover.

Our customers are innovative and in the mood for new things, are just as playchildren as we are and enjoy visually and technically sophisticated solutions. They are also showing strong growth and are future-proof.

We have the freedom and trust of customers to try things out. In addition to our optimizations, which save our customers time and money, we also develop one or the other Bleeding Edge prototype to show together with our customers what is possible today.

Our customers appreciate our honesty, openness, professionalism, expertise and pragmatic approach. They know that we keep our word. There are no disputes, differences are resolved quickly and they are proud of our long-term and cooperative relationship. They also regularly mention this in public and we are now applying for our services and We can choose the most interesting and appealing projects.

Marketing & Sales

BUSINESS UNICORNS has become a well-known brand. In our own Shop We can now book 100 orders per month. The unicorn community has grown significantly and our reach has increased enormously.

Thanks to a clear positioning in the market, customers quickly find their way to us. Media reports and recommendations from unicorns and customers give us a clear Surplus of potential new customers. These are tested and analyzed in a completely standardized and automated process. As a result, the sales team decides independently whether a customer is of interest to us.

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Meetingraum mit mehreren Personen

Public Relations

There are regular reports in various media about our successes and breakthroughs, such as our prototyping process or our increase in sales over the past three years. We are known regionally and are also reported on a national level in renowned newspapers about us and our work. Our unconventional working methods and motivating teamwork are recognized throughout Germany.

We regularly attend events as speakers and share our knowledge with a wide audience. In addition, BUSINESS UNICORNS is often referred to as an expert on exciting and new topics. Our own knowledge-sharing events are also very popular. They are not only known locally, guests travel from all over Germany to be able to participate.

In addition to the “German Web Award 2022”, we received two other renowned awards for our work. We were also awarded the “Great Place to Work” seal.

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Customers are willing to pay higher hourly rates due to our service. Our annual turnover is 3 times higher than in 2022, and the margin has remained stable and is above the average for the service sector. Financial security has an impact on all areas. It enables us to invest part of the profits generated in research, continuing education and sustainable and social projects. BUSINESS UNICORNS also pay above-average salaries.

Existing reserves enable us to continue growth and stability. Even buying other companies for expansion is possible, provided that the structure and potential unicorns suit us.

We remain owner-managed and are not dependent on external investors.

Office of the future

The office now offers space for 35 to 40 workstations. It primarily serves as a location for creative collaboration, as the team meets here regularly for prototyping, pair programming, workshops and training. Our customers and partners also stop by regularly.

The entire site was restructured for this purpose. Next to the entrance area, you can still find the pub. This was extended by an extension to have enough space for the growing team. Our office follows the “old meets new” approach and merges digital with analog. There is a fun area and a research area for experimenting and prototyping. Here we check the potential of new technologies, such as VR and AR. We show great projects, prototypes and references on large screens.

Beispielbilder eines Büros
Beispielbilder eines Büros

The first floor becomes BU Hostel for Unicorns and our customerswho want to stay overnight for workshops or training courses. There are several modernly equipped bedrooms with different mottos per room. Coding, design, virtual reality, etc. The second floor is being expanded into a loft. A large room with a high ceiling and open beams. Of course, the entire building follows the BUSINESS UNICORNS design.

Outside, old buildings were demolished to make room for a pond with a beach. Here you can find our beach bar and a presentation area with outdoor speakers and screens. This area is completed by 2 to 3 tiny houses, which are arranged around the pond. We use them for Meetings in a relaxed atmosphere. The outdoor area is known as a legendary event location by our customers and in the local area.


We are celebrating the 9th birthday the BUSINESS UNICORNS and our first completed Vivid Vision Sprint. A lot has happened since 2022 and we are looking at 3 exciting, challenging and fabulous years back.

On this occasion, every unicorn receives a review of the last 3 years as a hardcover book.

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