How has your career been so far?

“I first started studying business informatics, but then completed an apprenticeship as a media designer with a focus on web and programming. But before I ended up with BUSINESS UNICORNS, I worked at Shopware and W+. ”

What motivates you at work?

“The smooth process. When something works bug-free, it's very satisfying. But that also depends on many things and the stack also has a lot of influence. With TYPO3, for example, this is now going very well, but there are always problems with SAP because there is a third party on board who also has to configure on the other side. Misunderstandings in the agreements are then the biggest source of error. ”

Do you have any pets?

“We have two dogs. Bruce is a beagle from an experimental laboratory that we took in through an aid organization and Joko is a former street dog from Romania who came to the animal shelter near us through a partnership. We also have two cats. ”

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