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Which technologies are you currently looking at?

“I'm running after Figma right now. I like it, but it's just growing faster than you can learn it right now. In addition, I deal a lot with the topic of UX design and try to specialize more and more. ”

What is the biggest advantage of working from home for your own everyday life right now?

“The flexibility. By eliminating travel time, I simply have more time for myself and can simply make private appointments spontaneously. In addition, you have everything you need at home and know where to find it. In the office, I'd have to look for a long time for a pack of noodles. ”

When does your job retire and what do you think about it?

“Hard to say. As a designer, you work more with your head than with your body, which is why physical health is less decisive for retirement age. But do you always manage to stay on track creatively? It's all a matter of the mind. ”

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