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What does your family think you do about your work?

“My kids think I'm having fun all day. They know that we have a dart board and a ping pong table here in the office, for example. In general, however, it is no secret in my family that I take care of the organization at BUSINESS UNICORNS. My husband also has to organize and plan a lot in his job. We often talk about this at home. ”

What is an important topic for you in your job right now?

“Staff satisfaction across the entire team. Keeping everyone together and integrating and allowing new colleagues to grow into them are challenges that I am happy to overcome here every day. After all, the company is based on unicorns and everyone here must be able to work together to achieve this. Corona and working from home didn't make things any easier, but we were able to grow as a team to meet the challenge. ”

Do you have a bucket list of things you would like to do or achieve?

“I would like to walk the Camino de Santiago di Compostela, maybe even to Finisterre. I would also like to see the Northern Lights. Live on site and not on pictures or videos. ”

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