What challenges do you have to deal with on a daily basis?

“I try to make it possible for everyone to be heard and to have a say so that everyone is satisfied and the overall picture is right. But to do that, I have to jump back and forth a lot between development, accounting and sometimes networking for new customers and employees. Maintaining focus and reconciling the needs of individuals with the company is definitely a challenge. ”

How do you structure your work and break times?

“In the morning and in the evening, I always take a short time to keep a 6-minute journal. The primary aim is to be aware of what things were good during the day. People tend to value negative things more highly. That way I'll make up for it a bit. I can only recommend it! ”

Are you active in associations, organizations or other communities?

“I will soon be working as a knowledgeable citizen in the Schermbeck Digitalization Working Group and will be particularly politically committed to the issue of digitization on the ground. Especially when it comes to digital IDs, more must be done to simplify many things relating to the Bürgerbüro. Young people who want to help shape it definitely won't hurt. ”

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