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Increased online sales of spare parts through customer self-service

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A interactive spare parts catalog enables Self Service to be used for the online sale of spare parts. This allows customers to find and order spare parts completely independently in a digital exploded drawing. This saves personnel costs in Customer Service and increases sales in online spare parts sales. At the same time, customer satisfaction is also increasing because a more modern User Experience is offered.

When does an interactive spare parts catalog make sense?

  1. When your customer service is constantly overloaded. As a result, customer satisfaction costs you an extremely large number of resources. You want to save time here so that you can invest it elsewhere in further development and growth.
  2. When you work with cumbersome and inefficient processes. You're looking for a way to digitize and automate several of these processes at once.
  3. If you want to increase your online sales of spare parts without having to invest significantly more in personnel.

What functions does an interactive spare parts catalog offer?

Data is brought together from various systems to make it significantly easier for users of the web application to search for spare parts. This creates many different functions that can support the user:

  • Search function via serial number or article number
  • Exploded drawings with zoom function, legend, color markings and additional information
  • List of articles with availability, price, categorization and direct link to the exploded drawing

All functions even on mobile devices!

What is the point of an interactive spare parts catalog

  • Fewer support requests due to a better overview and user-oriented operating options
  • Fewer returns and incorrect purchases due to additional information on spare parts
  • Saved resources in customer service by enabling customer self-service
  • Satisfied customers thanks to massive time savings when using the application

The more spare parts your products have, the higher the associated support costs. The potential time savings through an interactive spare parts catalog are therefore also increasing. So if your product range is based on many spare parts, this is the perfect way to solve your bottlenecks in sales and customer service digitally.

In addition, your turnover from online sales of spare parts will of course increase significantly. With the interactive spare parts catalog, our customer Kalkhoff Werke GmbH now sells significantly more spare parts online than before. This made it possible to increase from 6% to over 50%!

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