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Is a large budget crucial to be able to provide first-class customer service?

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Is the bigger budget really the decisive factor for a first-class customer service? Or are there other ways for companies to offer customers a good customer journey? We took a closer look at the biggest companies and found their tricks for exceptional customer service.

What is crucial for first-class customer service?

Many companies are wondering how Amazon, Apple, and other large companies manage to provide first-class customer service. It is often assumed that these companies simply have a much larger budget and can therefore offer better solutions. But is that really the decisive factor?

An exact Process analysis shows that the budget alone doesn't make the difference. Rather, the focus is on User Experience and providing customers with a pleasant problem solution. These companies are using clever strategies to offer their customers an improved user experience — and without a huge budget.

What does a good user experience include?

Instead of focusing on optimizing telephone support, big players are increasingly focusing on Self Service features. One example of this is the digital problem analysis. Customers can provide information about their purchased product online and receive suitable solutions based on the stored data. Through such a guided problem analysis, customer inquiries can be resolved — without direct contact with the support team. An easy way to save personnel costs and to be able to use resources elsewhere.

Example of a digital and guided problem analysis for a customer's product.

The importance of a well-designed user interface for first-class customer service is also often underestimated. Digitalization has found its way into customer service. There are many options that Customer Experience significantly improve with a top user interface. With easy navigation and intuitive user interface, customers can quickly find the information they need and solve the problem themselves.

How do you achieve an excellent user experience?

The difference is that big players do not invest in supposedly psychologically valuable waiting music on the phone, but prioritize self-service functions and place their investments there. Problems or questions that arise are solved digitally. The user takes a targeted, digital journey through the well-structured, comprehensive knowledge database Self Service Portal and solves his problem independently — without contacting telephone support. Which in turn reduces costs.

Start via serial number or product selection for a targeted user experience.

This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also makes it possible to analyze user behavior in order to identify exactly the areas in which problems occur frequently. A solid basis for targeted countermeasures.

We have more information on how companies can benefit from customer self-service and further arguments for digitizing customer service in this article detained.

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