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Customers' habits and expectations are changing rapidly these days and are mostly shaped by big players, such as Amazon and Co. They offer the most advanced and technically best possible service. This sets the user's expectations high, which must be considered by other companies.

24/7 support is just as much a part of this as automated and reliable communication with companies. Come here web portals into play, which are suitable for offering your customers a reliable customer experience. The market for these software solutions is huge and the opportunities to personalize the sales process, for example, are limitless.

But what if no tool really suits your company? What if no software can be seamlessly integrated into your work processes and structures? Then it is time for a web portal that is individually tailored to your needs.

Benefit from customer self-service

Customers expect a personalized Customer Experience, where problems that arise are resolved quickly. Amazon and Co. set the standard for expecting your potential customers.

With one of your own customer portal You can show different users different content that only they have access to or that is relevant to them. This allows you to introduce customer-specific prices and availability, for example. You can also from Customer Self Service profit. Customers have the option of changing contact details, changing tariffs, complaining about products or Spare parts to order.

Your support has more time for the really tricky cases where the customer depends on personal advice and the annoying paperwork is no longer necessary.

Leading the way through data

A portal makes it easy to centralize data. Collecting data about your customers can take place via the portal and be supplemented by additional data sources. Customer behavior becomes transparent and the portal can be optimized in accordance with the findings.

Collecting data about your target audience's habits allows you to better understand your customers. This opportunity to analyze and understand better gives you a natural advantage over your competitors.

Through your portal, the “Single Source of Truth” is virtually self-defined. You are no longer faced with the challenge of searching for the latest data in various tools. Instead, your team can rely on the portal and use it as a basis for decisions and customer communication. In this way, your tailor-made web portal also creates the basis for the individual departments of your company to coordinate and work together more easily.

Individual portal for individual needs

We all strive for completely satisfied customers. To achieve this, user experience decisions should be made based on data rather than gut feeling. Many companies have the same target group — yet there are, of course, differences in internal processes and structures.

Although many software products offer the majority of the features you need, they cannot be sufficiently adapted for the important interfaces or require special know-how. Why not choose something tailor-made right away and stay flexible?

In this way, you can adapt your individually developed portal to your needs and have your ideas implemented, instead of being limited by standard software when designing your strategy. The solution is software adapted to the company, instead of a company adapted to the software.

Focus on customer lifetime value

Your success is based on customer satisfaction. This is heavily dependent on the Customer Experience with your company. A web portal brings you and your customers closer together, automates frequently repetitive processes and gives you the necessary time and structure to approach your target group based on data. Full focus on your customer's lifetime value.

You already have a lot of software at the start to improve your sales processes digitize? Then approach the whole thing strategically and gradually approach a complete solution. Start with the most important features and gradually expand your portal with further processes to replace isolated software and replace it with your individual solution. This will take you to a web portal that doesn't deal with technical problems and instead gives you more time to make important decisions.

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