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There are many online shop kits that offer all the features you need for most products. But what do you do when your product needs more? More time and space to present detailed information. More interaction options to really understand the product. More interfaces to your internal processes to process the order smoothly and automatically.

Special products require special shop features to get potential customers to check out. Maybe that's why an individually developed shop is a better fit for your product and the personalized buying experience that you imagine for your customers. Because in the end, the value of your product depends on its presentation. In addition, you can save a lot of money if you have an individual shop built instead of opting for a standard system with unnecessary features for you.

No limits for ideas and products

In e-commerce, there are many levers to Conversion to optimize and get your customers to check out. Individual shop designs and customized interactions on the product detail page can, for example, help you present your product from the most beneficial perspective and explain it in an uncomplicated way. The combination of content and commerce is also an effective way to turn shop visitors into loyal customers with a short stay.

Individual interactions and the linking of content management and online shop can become technical hurdles that standardized online shop construction kits usually cannot easily overcome. The possibilities of an individually developed online shop, on the other hand, are limitless. You say what you have in mind and the shop is adapted to your idea.

Let the shop work for you

As soon as your shop is up and running, the first time wasters will be noticed. Anything that is not automated forces you to process orders manually. This can quickly become routine and extremely slow down the growth of your shop.

Adapted interfaces are the solution. With these, your inventory management system, product information management or internal workflows can be easily connected. For example, you can process your orders automatically, automatically create shipping labels or implement individual voucher logics.

And all without lots of different shop apps from different manufacturers. Individually developed solutions can take away your growing pains and help you easily scale your shop.

No costs for unnecessary features

Most online shop builders offer you a limited number of plans or offers, which consist of a selection of features. When determining the features, software providers focus on the market and focus on the largest industries. So it's no wonder that many shop owners aren't happy with standard offers because they have to spend money on superfluous features.

Does that sound familiar to you? Then we recommend that you think “out of the box” and consider an individual solution. That way, you only pay for what you really need. No unnecessary bells and whistles

Product-oriented online shop

An individually developed online shop can be tailored entirely to your requirements and ideas so that you can offer your customers the buying experience they want.

  1. Overcome the technical limits of common online shop kits with individual features so that your shop adapts to your ideas and not vice versa.
  2. Connect your shop to all tools and workflows to seamlessly integrate it into your existing structure and completely automate orders.
  3. Don't pay a cent for unnecessary features and only invest in individually developed functions to get the most out of your shop.

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