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Higher conversion rates with a one-page checkout

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Too many customers leave the site before they have completed their order. A challenge that our customer's dealer portal is also facing Kalkhoff It was in Germany.

The current checkout process required 6—7 clicks until the order was successful, which definitely took too long for the comparatively small amount of data requested. The existing multi-step checkout was therefore replaced by a one-page checkout, which displays all relevant information directly on a single page. This significantly shortened the ordering process and thus also increased the conversion rate of the retailer portal, as potential buyers can now complete the order in just a few clicks.

Benefits of one-page checkout

Faster ordering

With a one-page checkout, customers need fewer clicks to complete orders because the entire ordering process is on a single page.

Simplified navigation

With pop-up windows, extensive changes can be made to the order in just a few clicks without having to leave the one-page checkout.

Increased conversion

Since customers get straight to the end of the ordering process without having to click through several process steps, there is a higher chance that all customers will also complete the order before leaving the website again.

Why a one-page checkout for the retailer portal?

In the retailer portal, retailers already store most personal information in their user accounts and do not have to enter it again with every order. With a multi-step ordering process, retailers would therefore waste valuable clicks moving through already completed pages of a detailed data query. A one-page checkout can therefore benefit from user accounts in the retailer portal and significantly shorten the entire ordering process with the information that has already been created.

Nevertheless, retailers retain all options to change the information they have provided while ordering, should this be necessary. Pop-up windows always keep track of things, as the one-pager of the checkout never has to be left. This overview is specifically available in the dealer portal of Kalkhoff necessary, as orders from retailers can sometimes be very extensive and changes may have to be made to the desired goods while ordering. Not having to move through several sub-steps of an already completed data query saves retailers valuable time in the dealer portal and thus increases the frequency of successful order transactions.

Optimized conversion rate due to fewer clicks in the order

With just three clicks, you can now order through the one-page checkout in the retailer portal of Kalkhoff complete. By switching from a multi-step checkout, the required number of clicks could therefore be halved, meaning that fewer customers leave the shop without first completing the purchase. Since most data is already stored in the retailer's account, the respective input fields can be compressed and presented in less detail. This also subsequently increases the conversion rate of the retailer portal, which can benefit from the small number of required input fields.

However, multi-step processes are still being used for complex data queries in the dealer portal, for example to simplify more detailed customer service forms. However, one-page checkouts can increase usability and thus also conversion, especially when there are less than four required input fields.

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