Conversion, or conversion, in marketing is the transformation of a website visitor into a customer by carrying out a desired action. This action could be buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, filling out a contact form, or any other measurable activity that helps achieve business goals.


The term comes from digital marketing and has its roots in the analysis of user behavior on the Internet. Conversions are a key aspect of evaluating the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns and overall website performance. The conversion rate, i.e. the conversion rate, is an important indicator that indicates the percentage of visitors who perform the desired action.

Areas of application

Conversion is particularly relevant in areas such as e-commerce, online advertising, lead generation, and in digital interaction with customers in general. Industrial companies use conversion metrics to measure the effectiveness of their online platforms, such as B2B retailer portals, to measure and optimize.


Optimizing conversion rates allows companies to increase marketing efficiency by generating more leads, sales, or other valuable actions from existing traffic. This results in a better return on investment (ROI) from marketing spend and can improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.


One of the most difficult challenges in conversion optimization is understanding user intent and experience. It can be difficult to identify the exact reasons why visitors convert or cancel. A/B testing and user behavior analysis are required to implement effective improvements.


A specific example is the development of a Self-service portal, which enables industrial customers to order spare parts themselves. By optimizing the ordering process, such as simplifying the user interface or adding personalized recommendations, the conversion rate of this portal can be significantly increased.


Conversion is a key concept in digital marketing that refers to converting a visitor into a customer through a specific action. Optimizing conversion processes is critical to the success of online business strategies and increasing marketing efficiency.