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Customer portal


A customer portal is a digital platform that enables companies to offer their customers central, secure and personalized access to various services and information. Through the portal, customers can access their personal information, carry out transactions, submit support requests, and more, depending on the specific features that the company provides.


The development of customer portals began as part of the digital transformation of companies, which aimed to make customer interactions more efficient and customer-friendly. With the advent of the Internet and later mobile technologies, customer portals became an important part of the customer journey by providing constant and direct access to corporate resources.

Areas of application

Customer portals are used in almost all industries, especially where it is important to closely integrate customers into business processes. Typical examples include the financial services industry, telecommunications, utilities, healthcare, and retail. They serve as tools for customer loyalty and satisfaction by allowing accounts and services to be self-managed.


Implementing a customer portal offers numerous benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Through easy access to information and the ability to manage services yourself.
  • Increasing efficiency: Reducing workload for customer service teams by automating routine tasks
  • Data centralization: Collection and analysis of customer data in one place, which improves service personalization and strategic decision-making.


Challenges in setting up and managing customer portals include privacy concerns, ensuring usability, and integration with existing IT systems. It is also necessary to constantly update content and features to keep pace with changing customer needs and technological developments.


An example of effective use of a customer portal is Self-service portal from a large energy provider. Customers can use this portal to view their consumption data, manage invoices, make payments and adjust their contract details. This not only reduces customer service calls, but also improves the customer experience through increased transparency and control.


Customer portals are crucial digital interfaces between companies and customers, which not only increase customer satisfaction, but also increase operational efficiency. They are an integral part of the customer journey and support proactive customer service.