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How you can use self-service when querying customer data

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Energieversorgung Oberhausen AG (EVO) offers a comprehensive range of electricity and gas tariffs for the Oberhausen urban area. However, the challenge was that online registration routes in the energy sector usually require very lengthy data queries for collective agreements.

In order not to overwhelm potential customers with information and frustrate them, a form with several steps was developed. The improved user experience then led to a higher graduation rate. The result was more new customers, although more resources were not needed in sales. A great example of how Customer Self Service can save costs even when acquiring customers.

Why does the self-service registration form work so well?

More pleasant for short-term memory

The form is specially designed so that potential customers are not overwhelmed by the many queries. For this reason, there are several sections with a maximum of 6-7 input fields. Through these divisions, customers move from one subject area to the next and can mentally complete entire areas.

Transparent data query

Grouping into categories such as “Personal Information” or “Payment Method” gives users an idea of what information is being asked for. This increases transparency and makes progress more visible.

Perseverance less required

Short stages in the registration process gradually bring users to their destination without generating frustration due to a seemingly endless data query. Short sprints instead of annoying running.

Why is it so important to get started with the form?

At EVO, there are many registration routes in numerous variations. The selection of the right online form is determined, among other things, by the selected tariff, the user's postal code or different starting points, such as relocations or new registrations. Potential customers are supported in their selection by the tariff calculator, which can be placed on the entire website by EVO flexible. This makes it possible to access the form from anywhere and offers a very high degree of personalization. This is particularly important for customer self-service, so that customers can solve their individual concerns independently.

The following forms are based on many input fields, which must collect the necessary data to conclude a contract. We paid particular attention to ensuring that fields were checked dynamically. This allows the user to flexibly jump back and forth between the individual sections of the registration process.

A credit check was integrated in the background, while the general performance of the site was constantly optimized using modern technologies on the front end. As a result, the user is not even aware of the numerous processes in the background and reaches their destination undisturbed. An external IT security audit ensured that the collected data is also protected from attacks. Meanwhile, modern technologies on the front end ensure optimal performance. As a result, users experience a smooth login.

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