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That is why most companies do not yet have a self-service portal

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In our analysis of the Best practices for a self-service portal We have come across many excuses and challenges time and time again.

But are the arguments against a Self Service Portal For example, as a pure cost factor without added value, and is personal contact with the support team really that important to the user?

Is a self-service portal really just another cost factor?

This presumption is opposed by the fact that a case for customer service It is also always an opportunity to retain customers even more strongly through good service performance. And a strong bond creates positive reviews, recommendations, and new customers. This alone should therefore cover the cost factor.

However, customers demand quick and contactless solutions to acute problems with the purchased product. No confusing FAQ pages. No user forums that create more confusion than clarity. None chatbots, which link to useless blog posts or just forward them to the telephone. And certainly no queues on the phone, which then culminate in annoying redirects because the person reached is not the right person for the problem.

And should it be unavoidable to get in touch with personal telephone support, a good customer service must understand that personal contact must always be valuable.

First entering basic customer data or reading a script is the exact opposite. However, it is possible to digitally query and record exactly this data in advance. With simple forms and personalized interfaces, the customer's product is already known to the service staff and can therefore be proactively offered to the customer suitable solutions. And in the best case scenario, these solutions are continuously optimized based on data so that they adapt to current customer problems.

When customer service does all of this, not only the customer benefits, but also marketing and e-commerce teams, because they can start with new offers exactly where customer service has solved problems.

Is it important to get in touch with the support team in person?

Customers don't particularly appreciate personal contact. They just have no other choice because they often find no other solution than the customer service telephone number. There is a suitable solution for the problem that a customer has with their product. But how is he supposed to find them if he doesn't find the product in a jungle of support suggestions, misinterprets the problem or cannot understand the solution.

The fact is: People want to solve their own issues before they contact support. According to one Harvard Business Review Survey This figure is as high as 81%.

According to one Survey commissioned by Hubspot Even 90% (‼️) of all respondents rate an immediate answer as very important. The challenge is therefore clear. Customers want an immediate solution and they would like to be able to find it themselves.

Why do companies fail at customer self-service?

According to our findings, it is usually simply the lack of resources and lack of prioritization. Ideas are there, but not the means to implement them. The bad word lack of skilled workers plays just as much a role here as poor prioritization. The resulting overload contributes massively to failure.

In addition, most products and services are becoming increasingly complex and require more support of their own accord.

Just the right time to get into a Customer Self Service to invest. Action is needed now so as not to lose touch with the competition. Anyone who invests in this area offers their own users a central location with personalized Information and technical solutions. This gives you a decisive competitive advantage.

Of course, we also advise you on digitizing your customer service and implementing self-service functions. Feel free to look for one Appointment Get out the one that's right for you. We are looking forward to talking to you!

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