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Customer self-service portal


A customer self-service portal is an online platform, which allows customers to independently access information and carry out various transactions or inquiries without direct interaction with an employee. These portals provide tools and resources for a wide range of tasks, such as managing account settings, reviewing orders and invoices, requesting services, or finding information and solutions to problems.


With the increasing digitalization of business processes and the expectations of customers for immediate access to information and services, Self-service portals developed as an essential part of customer service. They reflect the trend towards autonomy and efficiency in customer engagement and use of technologies such as web applications, databases and artificial intelligence.

Areas of application

Self-service portals are widely used in various industries, including telecommunications, financial services, energy supply, retail, and industry. They serve as a central point of contact for customers to meet their needs independently, from simple requests for information to complex transactions.


The main advantages of such portals lie in increasing customer satisfaction, relieving customer service and the ability for customers to manage their concerns themselves at any time and from anywhere. They also provide companies with insights into customer preferences and behavior, which supports product and service improvement.


The challenges of implementing and operating self-service portals include ensuring intuitive user guidance, protecting sensitive customer data, and integrating with existing CRM and ERP systems. Constantly updating content and adapting to changing customer needs are also crucial for success.


An industrial equipment manufacturer could offer a self-service portal that allows customers to order spare parts, track the status of their orders, retrieve maintenance instructions, and create support tickets. An energy provider could provide a portal that customers can use to view their consumption data, pay bills and manage tariff options.


Customer self-service portals are an indispensable tool in modern customer service, which increases efficiency and customer satisfaction by enabling customers to resolve many of their concerns independently and conveniently. They are a key to digitally transforming the customer experience.