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The customer experience needs more than “normal” websites

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In the digital world, professional web developers are increasingly confronted with less experienced providers who can quickly create a simple WordPress website. How can this trend be explained? It is often because companies do not understand what a modern website should do today.

A simple online business card is no longer enough to retain customers and attract new ones.

The added value counts

To be successful, companies today must offer their customers real added value. This can be, for example, a personalized Customer experience or an automated After-sales process be. A “normal” website cannot do all of this. Of course, for 2000€, a provider can buy a standardized Theme adjust. But what are the real benefits? The website may be more visually appealing, but that alone is no longer enough today.

A good example of this is one of our customers who was initially skeptical when we suggested that their after-sales process be completely online. But in the end, he was surprised that his customers didn't miss the old process at all. Instead, they praised the improved accessibility of the service team and the quick process.

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Max Messing - Managing Director of BUSINESS UNICORNS

Consider the entire customer experience

In order to develop a website that meets these requirements, a thorough analysis is necessary. In doing so, everyone should touchpoints be viewed with the customer to understand what services and features the website should offer. This is the only way companies can ensure that they really inspire their customers.

Companies should therefore not only pay attention to the appearance, but also focus on the entire customer experience. In many cases, modern websites are more like web applications, which offer more to both the company and its customers. Anyone who simply invests in a cheap theme without taking into account the needs of customers leaves valuable potential unused.

Customer-focused digital strategy

In order to offer customers an outstanding customer experience, companies should invest in their online presence. A “normal” website is no longer enough these days. It is important to identify the needs of customers and develop a digital strategy that meets these expectations. The digitization, automation and personalization of customer interactions pays off in the long term — for the company and its customers.

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