After-sales means all services and interactions that take place after a product or service has been sold. The aim is to increase customer satisfaction, strengthen customer loyalty and generate additional revenue through maintenance, spare parts, upgrades or training.


The term originated from the recognition that the customer relationship does not end with sales, but rather requires continuous customer support and support over the entire life cycle of a product or service. After-sales are particularly relevant in industrial companies, as machines and systems often require long-term maintenance and regular updates.

Areas of application

After-sales services are used in many industries, but particularly in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, IT and electronics. Industrial companies often use digital platforms such as B2B retailer portal to efficiently manage and provide after-sales services.


The benefits of after-sales services include strengthening customer loyalty, increasing customer satisfaction, and generating recurring revenue. Companies that offer excellent after-sales services can set themselves apart from competitors through higher customer satisfaction.


Challenges include the costs of service delivery, the need to be able to respond quickly and effectively to customer inquiries, and the integration of after-sales services into the company's overall strategy. Digitalization offers solutions here through automated processes and improved customer communication channels.


One example of after-sales in industry is the provision of a Self-service portal, where customers can view maintenance instructions, order spare parts and create support tickets. This improves the customer experience and optimizes the efficiency of the service offering.


After-sales is a critical area for long-term corporate success, which makes it possible to establish and maintain lasting customer relationships. Companies that invest in after-sales services benefit from stronger customer loyalty and improved revenue opportunities.