BUSINESS UNICORNS are a “Great Place to Work”!

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Bääm! 🥳 🏅 🚀 Our flock — is a “Great Place to Work”! 👏 🙌 We're really proud of our unicorns! That's fabulous. We received the “Great Place to Work” certification at the beginning of 2023. A predefined — anonymous, of course — employee survey was answered by the unicorns and we received excellent results.

What makes up our culture

A good workplace culture is important to us. And that goes down so well with unicorns. Appreciation and support are just as important to us as trusting cooperation. We want to feel comfortable and motivated, to be treated fairly and to be heard.

Our flock receives 100% approval on the following topics:

  • Unicorns can take time off when they feel it's necessary.
  • We get the necessary resources and equipment to do our job well.
  • Unicorns treat each other fairly — regardless of age, sexual or religious orientation, or what stable they come from.


Group photo from our strategy workshop on Mallorca in spring 2023.

Where we will improve

Of course, we also still have challenges: The promotion of health and continuing education within the herd is seen as still expandable. Things haven't been going so smoothly so far.

Challenge accepted — we want to grow healthily.

And to move this forward, we are introducing a structure to promote unicorns. With ideas from the team on how to express the desire for continuing education barrier-free, a clear budget and knowledge transfer within the herd.

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