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Customer feedback


Customer feedback refers to the feedback, opinions, and reviews that customers provide about their experiences with a product, service, or company. It is a valuable tool for companies to gain insights into customer satisfaction to maintain and identify areas for improvement.


The practice of asking customers for their opinions has existed since the beginning of trading. In the modern business world, customer feedback has expanded significantly with the development of digital technologies and communication platforms such as social media, online review sites, and corporate websites.

Areas of application

Customer feedback is collected in almost every industry, from retail and hospitality to industrial companies. It can take a variety of forms, including direct surveys, online reviews, comments on social media, and via digital self-service assistants, which can automatically collect feedback.


Collecting customer feedback enables companies to learn directly from their customers what works well and what needs to be improved. It makes it possible to adapt products or services to the needs of customers and can therefore increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty contribute.


One of the biggest challenges when dealing with customer feedback is effectively analyzing and implementing the collected data. Organizations must ensure that they have the necessary resources and systems to collect, analyze, and respond to feedback. It can also be difficult to obtain representative feedback that reflects the opinions of the entire customer base.


An industrial company could a Self-service portal set up to collect customer feedback on their products. Customers could use this portal to provide feedback on the products, ask questions or submit suggestions for improvement. The company could use this information to guide product development and improve customer service.


Customer feedback is a critical factor for a company's success, as it provides direct insights into customer satisfaction and highlights areas for improvement. By effectively collecting, analyzing, and responding to customer feedback, companies can optimize their products and services and thus increase their competitiveness.