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Customer segmentation


Customer segmentation is the process of dividing a customer base into smaller groups that share similar characteristics, needs, or behaviors. This enables companies to make their marketing strategies, product developments and services more targeted and efficient.


Customer segmentation is a fundamental component of modern marketing and was developed to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. By identifying specific segments, companies can create personalized offers that are tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the respective customer group.

Areas of application

Customer segmentation is used in almost all industries, from retail and e-commerce to financial services to telecommunications and industry. In industrial companies, it is particularly valuable for identifying different customer groups that require different types of products or service levels.


The biggest advantage of customer segmentation is increased marketing efficiency. Through targeted communication, resources can be used optimally and customer loyalty and customer satisfaction can be improved. Other benefits include improved customer communication and the ability to tap into new markets or niches more effectively.


One challenge of customer segmentation lies in correctly analyzing data and continuously adapting the segments to changing market conditions. Misinterpretations of data or too rigid segmentations can lead to ineffective marketing strategies.


In a Self-service portal Customer segmentation could be used to group industrial customers according to their purchase frequency and preferred products. In this way, special offers and content could be created that are precisely tailored to the needs and behavior of these specific customer groups.


Customer segmentation is an essential part of strategic marketing and enables companies to use their resources in a more targeted and effective way. It leads to better customer loyalty and higher satisfaction through personalized marketing approaches.