In technology, the term “headless” refers to systems or software solutions that operate without a built-in user interface (UI). These systems are designed to be controlled via API interfaces (Application Programming Interfaces) and connected to other systems or applications.


The development of headless technologies was born out of the need to create more flexible and modular software solutions. Especially in the area of web development, a headless approach allows the backend (data processing and storage) to be developed and scaled independently of the front end (user interface).

Areas of application

Headless systems are used in many areas, including web development, e-commerce, content management, and digital interactions. They are particularly popular in scenarios where tailor-made or several front ends are required, such as when delivering content on various platforms (web, mobile, IoT devices).


The main benefits of headless systems are their flexibility and scalability. They enable developers to design and customize the user interface independently of the backend, which promotes a faster response to market changes and user demands. They also make it easier to integrate with other services and technologies.


The challenges of implementing headless systems include increased complexity in development and maintenance, as separate development teams are required for the front end and backend. Ensuring the consistency and performance of APIs can also be a challenge.


An example of the use of headless technology is an e-commerce system that provides its product data via APIs so that various front ends such as websites, mobile apps, or even VR applications can access it. Another example could be a B2B retailer portal, which is operated headless to enable flexible adjustment to specific customer requirements.


Headless systems offer increased flexibility and scalability due to their separation of frontend and backend, but also place special requirements on the system architecture and development skills of the teams involved.