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E-mail automation


Email automation is the use of software to plan, personalize, and execute the sending of emails based on predefined triggers and scenarios. This enables timely and targeted communication with customers or prospects without manual intervention.


The practice of email automation has evolved in parallel with the development of digital marketing and the increasing need for efficient communication strategies. Originally used as a tool to increase efficiency in marketing campaigns, it has become an indispensable part of customer communication in many areas of business.

Areas of application

Email automation is primarily used in marketing, customer service, and sales. It is applicable in various industries, from e-commerce and retail to financial services and B2B sectors, where it is often used in Self-service portals  for automated customer communication.


The benefits of email automation include increased efficiency by reducing manual work, improved response times to customer inquiries, and greater personalization of communication. This leads to improved customer loyalty and can ultimately increase conversion rates.


Email automation challenges include integration with existing CRM and data management systems, maintaining data security and privacy, and preventing excessive or irrelevant email traffic that could be perceived as spam by recipients.


An example of how email automation is used in an industrial company is the automatic sending of order confirmations and shipping notifications via a B2B retailer portal. These automated emails ensure transparent and efficient communication between the company and its business customers.


Email automation is a key factor for efficient and personalized communication in modern business environments. It helps companies optimize their customer communication and at the same time use operational resources more efficiently.