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Customer Data Platform (CDP)


A customer data platform (CDP) is software that collects, standardizes, organizes, and stores data from various customer interaction points for marketing purposes. The goal of a CDP is to create a uniform, comprehensive customer profile that can be updated in real time and used by various systems within a company.


The term CDP has gained in importance recently, in particular due to the growing need for an integrated view of the customer across all contact points. This is primarily due to the fragmentation of customer data across various systems and platforms, which makes it difficult to take a holistic view of the customer.

Areas of application

CDPs are primarily used in marketing, sales, and customer service. They are particularly valuable for companies that want to run personalized marketing campaigns, improve customer interactions, and increase customer loyalty.


The main benefits of a customer data platform lie in improved data accessibility and quality, personalized marketing strategies and more efficient campaigns, which can ultimately lead to increased customer loyalty and increased sales.


Challenges when implementing a CDP include data integration from various sources, privacy and security concerns, and the need to ensure that the platform is compatible with existing IT systems. Companies must also ensure that they can effectively use the data they collect.


A specific example is the use of a CDP in a B2B retailer portal, which collects customer interaction data from various channels, such as email, social media, and direct sales, to create personalized marketing messages and offers.


A customer data platform provides companies with a powerful way to manage and use customer data to improve understanding and interactions with customers.