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Customer Data Integration (CDI)


Customer Data Integration (CDI) is the process of combining and unifying customer data from various sources into a consistent and comprehensive view of every customer.


CDI evolved from the need to create a central and unified view of customer data that is scattered across a company's various systems and databases. This integration allows companies to get a more accurate and complete picture of their customers, which is critical for personalized marketing strategies and improved customer relationships.

Areas of application

CDI is used in numerous areas, including marketing, sales, customer service, and business analytics. Companies use CDI to create comprehensive customer profiles that enable them to make tailored offerings and improve customer service. CDI also makes it easier to comply with data protection regulations by providing centralized management and control of customer data.


The key benefits of CDI include:

  • Improved data quality: By integrating and cleansing data from various sources, data quality is increased.
  • Comprehensive customer understanding: A complete customer profile provides a deeper insight into customer needs and behavior.
  • Personalized customer experiences: With better data, companies can create personalized and relevant customer experiences.
  • Increasing efficiency: Centralized data management reduces redundant data maintenance and improves operational efficiency.


Some challenges of implementing CDI include:

  • Data quality and consistency: Ensuring that integrated data is accurate and consistent can be difficult.
  • Privacy and security: Customer data must be integrated in strict compliance with data protection guidelines.
  • Technological complexity: Integrating various data sources and systems requires specialized technological solutions and expertise.


A practical example of using CDI is a B2B retailer portal that integrates customer data from various sales and interaction channels to get a complete picture of customer activity. This enables the company to create personalized offers and increase customer satisfaction.


Customer data integration (CDI) is an essential process for merging customer data from various sources to create a unified view of every customer. This improves data quality, enables personalized customer experiences and increases operational efficiency, but also poses challenges in terms of data quality, data protection, and technological complexity.