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Agile development


Agile development is an iterative and team-oriented approach to the software development process that is characterized by flexibility, continuous feedback, and continuous improvement of the end product. The aim is to maximize customer satisfaction through early and regular delivery of functional software.


The term “agile development” became popular at the beginning of the 21st century after the “Agile Manifesto” was published in 2001. This document was written by a group of software developers who wanted to promote a more flexible and effective method of software development, as opposed to the more traditional, highly structured methods.

Areas of application

Agile methods are mainly used in software development and IT project management, but are also used in other areas of product development and organizational change management. An important tool in this context is the self-service portal, which supports rapid iteration and feedback in agile processes.


The benefits of agile development include higher product quality, improved customer satisfaction, higher team morale, and greater control over project progress. This flexibility enables companies to react quickly to changes in the market or in customer requirements.


Challenges of agile development can include the need for constant communication, managing frequently changing requirements, and the difficulty of estimating time. Solutions include ongoing training, the use of specialized tools, and the integration of best practices.


An example of agile development is the implementation of a B2B retailer portal for a large industrial company. Through agile practices, the company was able to introduce regular updates and improvements based on direct user feedback, which led to a steady increase in user satisfaction and efficiency.


Agile development is a flexible, iterative approach to software and product development that focuses on customer needs and enables continuous adjustment and improvement. It is particularly suitable for dynamic markets and projects that require rapid adjustments.