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Platform economy


The platform economy describes an economic model that is based on digital platforms that bring supply and demand together. For example, a B2B retailer portal. These platforms act as intermediaries that facilitate the exchange of goods, services or information without being the owner of the products or services offered.


The origins of the platform economy lie in the digital revolution and the advent of the Internet. With the increasing spread of broadband Internet and mobile devices, the importance grew digital platforms Rapidly. Companies such as Amazon, Airbnb and Uber have made this type of economy popular and have shown how new markets and opportunities can be created by connecting supply and demand.

Areas of application

In industrial companies, the platform economy is primarily concentrated in areas such as supply chain management, product development and customer service application. Digital platforms make it possible to connect suppliers, producers and customers more efficiently, accelerate innovation processes and offer tailor-made solutions.


The key benefits of the platform economy for industrial companies include improved market efficiency, access to new customers and markets, and the ability to collect and analyze large amounts of data. These benefits lead to increased innovative capacity and competitiveness.


The challenges include data protection concerns, regulatory uncertainties and the risk of market dominance from a few dominant platforms. Solutions include developing clear data protection guidelines, adapting to local laws and regulations, and promoting competition through open standards and interoperability.


An example of the application of the platform economy in industry is an online marketplace for production materials, which directly connects manufacturers and suppliers and thus reduces transaction costs. Another example is a Cloud-based Production process management platform that provides real-time data analysis to optimize operations.


The platform economy represents an opportunity for industrial companies to increase efficiency, promote innovation and open up new markets through the use of digital platforms. However, the challenges require careful navigation to ensure long-term success.