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Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a version of a product that is developed with minimal effort and the most basic features to quickly validate the viability of a business idea. The aim of an MVP is to receive early feedback from the first users to further develop the product based on actual user behavior.


The term MVP became popular in the context of the lean startup method developed by Eric Ries in the early 2000s. This method emphasizes the importance of rapid learning through iterations and adjustments to the market, based on user feedback, rather than investing a lot of time and resources in developing a complex product whose marketability is uncertain.

Areas of application

MVPs are often used in software development and digital products, but are also used in the development of physical products and services. Industrial companies use MVPs to test new technologies or business models before fully investing in their development.


The main goal of an MVP is to validate product ideas quickly and with a minimal budget. This enables companies to minimize risk and only invest in ideas that have proven market potential. An MVP also helps collect rapid feedback, which is critical for iterative product development and improvement.


One challenge when developing an MVP is balancing too few and too many features. An MVP that is too simple could not sufficiently convince users, while an MVP that is too complex wastes resources. It can also be difficult to draw the right conclusions from the feedback received and adapt the product accordingly.


In industry, a company could be an MVP for a new B2B retailer portal develop to test its acceptance and usefulness before it is fully expanded. The portal could initially only offer the most important functions such as order processing and customer communication, and could then be expanded based on user feedback.


A minimum viable product is a strategic tool in product development that makes it possible to test the marketability of a product idea quickly and cost-effectively. By using MVPs, companies can shorten their development cycles and better adapt their products to customer needs.