FigJam is an online whiteboard tool developed by Figma, which was specifically designed for collaborative teamwork. It allows teams to collaborate in real time, visualize ideas, brainstorm, and create feedback loops.


FigJam was developed as an extension of the Figma design and prototyping platform to meet the growing need for virtual collaboration tools, particularly in the context of distributed teams and remote work. It aims to bridge the gap between formal design tools and informal team communication.

Areas of application

FigJam is primarily used in the areas of product design, software development and project management. It supports various functions such as mind mapping, diagram creation and interactive reconciliation, making it a versatile tool for creative and planning processes.


The main benefits of FigJam lie in its ease of use and flexibility. Teams can easily visualize complex ideas and present processes transparently. Real-time collaboration promotes direct and efficient communication, which is critical for project management and rapid decision-making.


Integrating with existing workflow systems can be a challenge when using FigJam, especially if companies are already using other tools. It also requires a certain amount of training to use all functions effectively.


In an industrial company, FigJam could be used to plan and execute UX/UI design projects. Teams could use it to collaborate on designs, collect feedback and document design decisions, making the entire development process more efficient.


FigJam is a powerful digital collaboration tool that enables teams to visually communicate their ideas and collaborate more effectively. It is particularly useful in environments that require rapid feedback and agile working methods.