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Business Process Automation (BPA)


Business process automation (BPA) refers to the use of technology to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks within a company to increase efficiency and reduce human errors. BPA solutions use software applications that make it easier and faster to execute extensive business processes.


The automation of business processes has developed with the progressive development of information technology and artificial intelligence. Originally focused on simple task automation, BPA has evolved into complex systems that integrate and automate profound business processes.

Areas of application

BPA is used in numerous industries, including finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. Typical applications include automating customer relationships, accounting, human resources, and supply chain management.


The benefits of BPA include improved operational efficiency, faster response times to market demands, increased transparency in business processes, and a significant reduction in costs by minimizing manual intervention.


Challenges in implementing BPA include integration into existing IT systems, employee resistance to change, and ensuring data quality. Successful implementations often require cultural change and continuous employee training.


An example of BPA could be the automatic invoice management system of a B2B retailer portal that automatically processes, approves and initiates payments, which increases efficiency and reduces errors.


Business process automation is transforming the way companies manage their internal processes by improving speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency.