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Über Kalkhoff

Kalkhoff is part of FOCUS & Kalkhoff Holding GmbH, one of Europe's largest bicycle manufacturers. Despite an international presence, the company remains true to its roots and relies on production that is strongly anchored in Germany to maintain high-quality standards. Kalkhoff is also known for its extensive commitment to research and development. We continuously invest in improving products and technologies to set new trends and meet customer needs. One of these long-term technology projects is the B2B dealer portal.


Bicycle manufacturer


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Target Group

Bicycle retailer

“Our B2B dealer portal has not only increased our internal efficiency, but also offers our retailers enormous added value through easy access to products, spare parts, technical information and services. This portal underscores our commitment to quality and customer service and strengthens the relationship with our retailers worldwide. ”

Robert Hoffmann // Customer Care Director FOCUS


Kalkhoff was faced with the challenge of offering B2B retailers a more efficient, user-friendly and innovative platform. The need for digital transformation was obvious to optimize business processes, increase customer satisfaction and build stronger ties with the retailer network.

The main goal was to develop a comprehensive dealer portal that not only simplifies the purchasing process, but also enables efficient management of spare parts, complaints and orders. A particular focus was on considering the requirements of international retailers to adapt the platform's content to specific countries and regions.

Successful collaboration

The development of the B2B dealer portal was an ambitious project that required close cooperation. The combination of technical expertise, industry-specific know-how and long-standing cooperation made it possible to develop a technically sophisticated platform that seamlessly supports Kalkhoff's business processes.

A key element of the successful collaboration was the common goal of creating a solution that offers real added value for Kalkhoff's dealer network.


The newly developed B2B dealer portal offers an intuitive user interface that gives retailers easy access to a digital spare parts catalog, digital complaint forms, an order overview and many other functions. The integrated B2B shop enables quick and efficient order processing, while the complex user administration ensures that retailers from different countries receive tailor-made offers.

The portal has not only improved Kalkhoff's internal processes, but has also significantly increased retailer satisfaction and loyalty.

The solution used here


B2B dealer portal

Seamless integration, efficient processes, and improved communication — all in one place to accelerate your business growth.

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